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i cleared up my acnes

hi! ♥️♥️♥️ today, i wanna share with you guys about how i cleared up my acnes. i'm just gonna make the story real simple. and, then, go to the tips. i even wrote an outline for this. so, please, please, please.. if you struggle with acnes too & got time, read this! who knows this post can help you?

hugs for acne fighters out there ♥️

✉ this post is kinda click-bait-ish. so, i'm gonna explain that i cleared my cystic acnes, but it doesn't mean i don't have any flaws. i do have black heads & acne scars.




long story short, i went to this skin clinic & got my skin cleared up. i had a facial treatment. besides that, i did work hard before i entered uni, i ate clean.

then, after entered uni, my friends offered to eat fried foods like "how come fries cause acne?"

then, indecisive me just ate it. from then on, i ate a lot of fries, 'cause i thought no matter how many fries i ate, i would still be flawless. unfortunately, acnes were gettin' back. ☹️

after that, i'd like to discuss the cause of my acnes. the cause of my acnes were hormone, junk foods, and stress. first, i'm gonna discuss 'bout hormone. so, i ever went to skin clinic & the doctor told me that my hormone is strong, so i produce oil more than normal people do. and, it'll be remaining the same, unless i do something with it.

then, as i told above, i ate junk foods. also, for more explanation, i did eat foods to relieve stress which is bad. i ordered junk foods a lot during thesis. also, i'm practically greedy & can't control my appetite.

and, then, stress which came out from my problems. my problems a few moments ago were thesis & relationship problems. for thesis, i won't re-tell what was the problem, 'cause i've addressed it on prev post. the thing i wanna tell you is the problem did not come out from the major & co-major lecturers. to me, they both were very helpful. for relationship, i won't tell you the problem, 'cause i want my prev one to have privacy.

anyway, that's it. now, move on to tips, shall we?


#1 go to a skin clinic!

if your acnes have been staying for too long, for example for about 2 weeks & do not get any improvement. be honest to yourself! get some help!

go to a skin clinic for an acne facial treatment! and, then, treat the acne scars after that. for me, i personally do not believe if big cystic acne that has been staying for 2 weeks can be cleared up by itself. #letsbereal like.. where did the zits go?

#2 use an aloe gel!

after my friend told me that my skin looks clearer when we met, i thought "what changed in my life?" ah, i use an aloe gel ever since my lil' sis brought me an aloe gel from jakarta. what i wanna tell you is find something that doesn't give you promises & chemicals, but works for your acne. one of the examples is a product claims to make your zits smaller in 4 hours. of course, it is good, if it really can. but, afterall, you bought it, 'cause you thought you could get rid of your acne faster, right? in my opinion, when it comes to get rid of acne, it's not good to count the days. for example, thinking "today, my acnes are still here." and, do the same tomorrow. in fact, change doesn't happen overnight.

✉️ no worries! the aloe gel i use is safe. it has no paraben.

the aloe gel i used 'till ran out.

#3 get rid of your stress!

i was about to say "don't stress out!", but feeling comes out naturally. you can't undo it. now, what you need to know is "how to get rid of it?"

to get rid of stress, i suggest you to use wysa. wysa is a chat bot for mental health. so, it's like you're having a consultation via chat. first, he'll ask you some question. then, he'll give you a solution based on your story. and, the solution isn't judgmental. after that, he'll give you some exercises. then, you pick the one which is most suitable with your situation. other than that, wysa will follow up on your condition.

please, be open minded! having a consultation with wysa doesn't mean you're out of your mind. sometimes, you can use it when you find it hard to sleep or have a problem with a friend, and so on.

#4 eat tangerine!

i noticed that my skin got better & the recovery went faster when i ate tangerines. so, for over the next few weeks, i bought tangerines again when i ran out. i eat about 5 tangerines per week. the logic is tangerines which contain vit c help the process of recovery just like what medicines are done when you're sick. other than that, i wanna add that i know from the internet that tangerines can prevent acne & aging process. tangerines also help tighten the skin. no wonder my cheeks look like mochi. nyeheheh. :3

#5 use pimple (pad after extracting acnes)!

i do not recommend you to extract your acne. however, if you're too busy for facial at the skin clinic within 2 months, you can extract them using 2 cotton buds. use pimple pad to remove the remaining zits. after you use it overnight, it should be like this:

#6 use aloe vera sheet mask!
after extracting acne, use aloe vera sheet mask so that it can soothe your skin & make your pores smaller. i usually put my sheet mask in the fridge before i use it, 'cause it'll feel cooler. it can be cooler after 15 mins. after it's cool, put it on your face for 10 mins. don't be too long! you can pat it on your skin or wait until it's dry. i usually just practically let it dry.

#7 acne diet

if you want to get rid of acne, pay attention to your diet. browse on the internet "what causes acne". then, avoid it! what i suggest you guys is don't look at other people's food when ordering, 'cause it'll make you wanna taste theirs. i've tried not to do it & it works. i feel happier that way & no regret afterwads. what happens is when you look at other people's food, there's jealousy. "why does the food looks better, than mine?" so, try not to look at other people's food! ignorant is bliss.

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what i got for my birthday

hi! 😃💗 today, i'm gonna do "what i got for my birthday" haul. yea, i know.. 😞 the date is already passed. but, better than not at all.

fyi, the gifts are all special, 'cause i celebrate the bday privately. so, the ones who gave me gifts are close people. but, i'm sure that they'll still give me gifts even tho i don't celebrate bday.

i'll start with the stuffs i used the most.

✉️ it's a mini post, so if you got time, please, read it! lol! 😃 where's the puppy eyes emoji tho?

id ver: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+fransiscasteffi/posts/KDtCfSEHjRP
kr ver: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+fransiscasteffi/posts/3ZUdZtqywpJ

plushie doll
choki & chaca

choki is the pink rabbit. just help you find out anyway. in case, you don't know who is choki, who is chaca, 'cause my upload order is messy.

choki is from my boyfriend. the first time i saw her i auto like her, 'cause she's a rabbit & i do like rabbit sooo much. normally, i use her for cuddling during vidcall, watching youtube, going to bed, as soon as i woke up, whenever i feel sad.

ah, also, i just remember a thing. if you notice, choki looks like me. the teeth!

i thought my boyfriend simply named her choki, 'cause my rabbit is already choco. so... choco & choki. does it make sense?

i think the name is cute tho. sounds like a snack.

chaca is from my big lil' sister. i use her for additional pillow above my pillow whenever i play pubg or watch youtube & whenever i fee like i wanna lay on bed, but not sleep for real.
i like to hold her on the muzzle. hehheh. 😃

shiny rabbit key-chain

i got key-chain from my lil' sister.

i used to look for a key-chain for my mini pink bag. but, before my birthday supper, there was my cousin's sweet & the souvenirs are a key-chain & cookies. so, i used the key-chain for my bag. but, nvm, i like it.


i got.. foundation from my extra lil' sister. 💞👐 she ever told me that she's gonna gimme a foundation for gift, 'cause i always borrow hers. and, she gave me that for real. ∵

i love it, 'cause the color matches my skin tone. it feels like bb cream. and, the last time i used it from 11 am - 5 pm (if i'm not mistaken) it was still there by the time i reached home. and, it was not oily at all.

alright, i'll end the post right here. i have to go to. see you on my next post! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

thank you! ♥️

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{EN/ID} How I Lost 17 kgs + UPDATED SAFE HEALTHY Diet Tips 2017

Hello, Fellas! :D I'm Steffi, a blogger who wants to share with you the healthy and good ways to lose weight. First of all, I wanna say that any body shape is beautiful. If you have body like Taylor Swift, then cool! If you have body like Beyonce, fine! Go rock it! You're sexy.

Halo, Teman! :D Aku Steffi, blogger yang mau berbagi cara diet sehat dan aman. Pertama, aku mau bilang semua tipe badan itu indah. Kalau kalian punya badan kaya Taylor, keren! Kalau kaya Beyonce, bagus! Pede aja!

PS: I just wanna tell you that I've done some trial since 2012 up to now. I've tried many kinds of diet. And, in this post, I'll tell you the most effective, healthy, and safe one, 'cause I don't want to endanger you.

PS: aku sudah coba beberapa jenis diet sejak 2012. Dan, di artikel ini, aku mau ngasih tau yang paling efektif, sehat, aman, soalnya aku ga mau bahayain kalian.

Now, in this post, I'd love to answer some of interesting questions that I got recently and frequently. And, also, telling some of important things you need to know about healthy diet that the internet hasn't told you yet in complete, but brief yet fun.

Sekarang, di artikel ini, aku mau jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan menarik kalian yang sering aku dapat akhir-akhir ini. Dan, juga ngasih tau hal penting yang kalian perlu tau soal diet sehat, yang belum ada di internet, secara komplit, tapi singkat dan menyenangkan.

I hope you're open-minded about this and see this post as something useful for helping you to lose weight or being fit. And, always, I'd love you to be objective about this post.

Aku harap kalian berpemikiran terbuka soal ini dan melihat artikel ini sebagai sesuatu yang bermanfaat untuk membantu menurunkan berat badan atau tetap fit. Dan, selalu, aku mau kalian objektif soal artikel ini.

PS: English isn't my mother language.

Now, let's start! :D

As I promised, here are my before after photos.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. I ever read your blog. You said that S brand gel helping the slimming process. Does it really work?
To be honest, that gel is helping the burning the fat process. So, in my opinion, it depends on how many moves you make. I could say it helps about 20%. To me, when it comes to lose weight that works best is workout.

Aku pernah baca blogmu. Kamu bilang kalau gel merek S bisa membantu proses pengurusan. Manjur nggak sih?
Jujur aja gel itu membantu proses pembakaran lemak. Jadi menurutku, balik lagi ke seberapa banyak kamu gerak. Aku bilang sih membantu sekitar 20%. Buat aku, kalau diet, yang paling manjur itu olahraga.

2. You wrote that you wear elastic corset. What brand is it?
Sorry, I can't tell you the brand, 'cause I'm afraid that I'll break one of the rules of putting something in internet. But, it's B brand. You can guess or ask me via e-mail, if you really wanna know 'bout that.

Kamu tulis kalau kamu pakai korset yang (bahannya) bisa melar. Mereknya apa?
Sorry, aku nggak bisa bilang, soalnya takut melanggar aturan penggunaan internet. Tapi itu merek B. Kalian boleh tebak atau kalau benar-benar pengen tau, bisa e-mail aku.

PS: number 3, 4, and 5 aren't questions. But, I'd love to say something about it.

3. I've been reduced my sleeping time recently, 'cause I believe sleeping is the cause of weight gain.
Oh, Honey! Rest less makes you gain weight instead. Go take a rest sometimes! 8 hours at night and 2 hours at afternoon. If you don't have that much time, only 8 hours at night is okay. First, if you don't get enough rest, your digestive system messed up (and, so your skin recovery, if you recently experienced break out). Second, if you feel tired, you might want to eat more (if you don't have a good self control), 'cause you think that eating might recharge your energy.

Aku mengurangi waktu tidurku akhir-akhir ini, soalnya aku yakin tidur adalah penyebab kegemukan.
Kurang istirahat justru bikin kamu gemuk. Istirahat sesekali! 8 jam pas malam dan 2 jam pas siang. Kalau ga punya banyak waktu 8 jam pas malam aja gapapa. Pertama, kalau nggak dapat cukup istirahat, sistem pencernaan jadi kacau (dan, regenerasi kulit juga, kalau akhir-akhir ini mengalami masalah kulit). Kedua, kamu kecapekan yang bikin pengen makan lebih banyak lagi (kalau ga bisa kontrol diri), karena kamu pikir makan bisa mengisi energimu.

4. I ate Boba's bubbles as my lunch.
Oh, Honey! Go, order food with carbs! That's not what I meant by eat less. Order 1 portion! Don't spend all of it, if you're full! Take away the rest!

Aku makan topping bubble buat makan siang.
Pesan makanan berkarbohidrat! Itu bukan yang aku maksud makan dikit. Pesan 1 porsi! Jangan diabisin semua, kalau kenyang! Bungkus sisanya!

Fyi, when I was on diet, I ate really small portion of food and almost fainted all the time, go to doctor often, and almost hospitalized. Just let you know how dangerous eat less.

Sebagai info, pas aku diet, aku makan dikit banget dan mau pingsan terus, sering ke dokter, dan hampir masuk RS. Aku cuma mau ngasih tau seberapa bahayanya makan kesedikitan.

5. I skipped my breakfast, 'cause I was almost late for school and it's also not my routine.
Go get breakfast at first break of school! Eat your breakfast next time! It's the most important meal of the day.

Aku nggak sarapan, soalnya aku hampir telat, lagian nggak biasa (sarapan).
Sarapan pas istirahat pertama! Lain kali jangan lupa sarapan ya! Itu makanan paling penting dalam sehari.

*for those who are wondering, previous post about diet had been deleted by me, 'cause I think those types of diet only work for the new me who only needs to stay in shape.

*buat yang bingung, artikel diet sebelumnya udah aku hapus, soalnya cara diet gituan cuma manjur buat aku (yang baru) yang cuma butuh jaga badan.

Diet Tips

- It'll be effective for you to swim, after gym. Gym shapes your body, swim shapes and makes your legs longer. Remembering you'll go swimming later on, don't workout too hard!  Don't workout more than 1 hour!

Bakal lebih efektif, kalau kamu renang setelah gym. Gym bentuk tubuhmu, renang bentuk kakimu dan membantumu lebih cepat tinggi. Mengingat kamu bakal renang nantinya, jangan olahraga terlalu keras! Jangan olahraga lebih dari 1 jam!

- Try yoghurt, if you're not allergic towards dairy. Oh, and, also pudding and agar agar. They taste better than other foods with fiber.

Cobain yoghurt, kalau kamu nggak alergi susu. Oh, juga puding dan agar agar. Itu lebih enak daripada makanan berserat lainnya.

- If you wanna lose weight fast, you should not take cheat day. Diet will not work, if you cheat often. Remember? Instead, try to find delicious healthy food or snack recipes on the internet!

Kalau kamu pengen cepat langsing, kamu sebaiknya nggak ambil cheat day. Diet nggak manjur, kalau kamu curang terus. Ingat? Daripada curang, cari resep makanan atau snack sehat yang enak di internet!

- Don't weigh yourself, 'cause there are only two things that might happen after knowing you don't lose any weight or gain more instead: first, you're stressed out, depressed, and then you know the drill. Something bad like anxiety could happen. Second, from that stress, you wanna eat more.

Jangan nimbang, soalnya cuma ada 2 kemungkinan setelah tau beratmu nggak turun atau tambah gendut: pertama, stres, depresi, dan kamu tau selanjutnya. Hal buruk kaya kecemasan bisa terjadi. Kedua, gara-gara stres, kamu pengen makan banyak.

- Set your role model photo (could be a fitness guru, blogger, or artist) as your lockscreen or wallpaper so that you're motivated.

Pasang foto panutanmu (fitness guru, blogger, artis) sebagai lockscreen atau wallpaper sehingga kamu termotivasi.

- Instead of setting alarm for how long workout, make a list of what you wanna exercise, then tick it, after you're finished.

Daripada pasang alarm buat berapa lama olahraga, buat daftar apa yang pengen kamu latih, terus centang deh setelah kamu selesai.

- The internet always says drink more when it comes to lose weight. But, for some people, drinking ordinary mineral water could not be fun. So, try hot greentea instead! PS: some of fitness gurus suggest infused water, but slicing fruits is a hassle for lazy people. And, I believe there are a lot of lazy people in this world. I'm one of them. LOL!

Mengenai diet, internet selalu menyarankan untuk banyak minum. Tapi buat beberapa orang, minum air putih ga enak. Jadi coba greentea hangat! PS: banyak fitness guru menyarankan infused water, tapi motong buah itu merepotkan buat orang malas. Dan, aku yakin banyak orang malas di dunia ini. Aku salah satunya. Hahahahhahah.

- Don't drink ice, it can make your fat frozen.

Jangan minum es, itu bisa membuat lemakmu jadi lemak jenuh.

- Try carbs diet! What I mean by carbs diet is eating less carbs like half portion of rice, mashed potato, and so on, not eating zero carbs. PS: and, yeah, eating less carbs means you may eat more main course. But, what I mean by eating more main course isn't beef, pork, and so on. I mean healthy foods like chicken breast and vegetables.

Coba diet karbohidrat! Maksudku kurangin karbohidrat (makan setengah porsi nasi), bukan ga makan karbohidrat sama sekali. PS: dan, ya, kamu boleh makan lauk banyak. Tapi maksudnya lauk bukan daging sapi, babi, dll. Maksudku lauk sehat kaya dada ayam dan sayuran.

- If you wanna lose weight fast, you should not eat oily or buttery foods. They might make your weight loss taking a long time, mainly abs area. PS: what I mean by oily foods and so on are  not only snacks like mac chicken nugget, so on. But, you also should not eat any pancake, etc.

Kalau pengen cepat langsing, kamu sebaiknya ga makan makanan berminyak atau bermagarin. Itu bikin berat ga turun-turun, terutama daerah abs. PS: yang aku maksud makanan berminyak, dll bukan gorengan kaya mendoan, perkedel jagung, pisang goreng aja lho. Tapi juga lauk tahu dan tempe goreng, dll.

- If you try to lose weight on abs area and don't have much time, try to do crunches for 100x in the morning, as soon as you wake up so you don't have to workout later on. Make it as routine!

Kalau kamu mau membentuk abs dan ga punya banyak waktu, coba crunches 100x pagi, sesegera mungkin, setelah kamu bangun sehingga kamu ga perlu olahraga nantinya. Jadikan rutinitas! PS: kalau ga kuat, ya istirahat dulu bentar, 10 detik.

Question of the day: what do you think about this new bilingual concept and font color?

Thank you for reading!
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Outfit 3 in 1 Yang NYAMAN Dibuat Foto Instagram & Travelling + Q&A


Semangat hari Senin buat yang kerja, kuliah, dan menjalankan aktivitas lainnya! Kali ini aku mau ngasih kalian ide outfit travelling yang pantas dibuat foto, nggak menarik perhatian orang banyak, dan nyaman dibuat polah. Aku bikin ide outfit, soalnya outfit buat travelling akhir pekan kan sebaiknya dicari dari Senin supaya hari-H nggak berantakan. Oh, ya! Aku men-challenge diriku sendiri waktu pakai outfit ini, jadi baca ya!

Di akhir ada Q&A tentang pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang akhir-akhir ini aku terima melalui media sosial. Siapa tau pertanyaanmu aku jawab disini, jadi baca sampai selesai ya!

PS: apapun yang terjadi, aku mau kalian melihat artikel ini secara objektif sebagai artikel yang ngasih informasi buat kalian. Kalau suka, ya silahkan share. Kalau nggak suka, ya kasih kritik atau saran.

Selamat membaca!

PS: satu lokasi sama Treetop

Detil outfit:
Atasan sabrina: H&M
Chanel skinny jeans: B&J Jeans
Flat shoes biru: Wakai
Tas: MCM

Outfit 3 in 1 yang nyaman dibuat foto Instagram dan travelling
1. Pantas dibuat foto
Outfit ini cukup fashionable daripada T-shirt, hotpants, dan sandal yang terlalu santai seperti mau dolan atau ke pantai, kecuali sepatunya. Maafkan! Seharusnya aku pakai flat shoes hologram-ku. Lalu alasan ke-2 kenapa outfit ini pantas dibuat foto: off shoulder lucu juga. Kalian bisa goyang-goyang pundak dan bikin Boomerang. Bakal bagus.

PS: aku mau bilang sesuatu ke kalian. Kalau salah pilih outfit, ga ada yang hukum, jadi kalau kalian pikir outfit itu lucu, ya ambil aja. Pakai! Jangan ngikutin trend! Contohnya: aku pakai off shoulder walaupun nggak lagi trend. Entah. Mungkin kalian pengen pakai nantinya? Hehheh.

"Things that are not hot are hot in Paris. But, French people, especially Parisians don't like to follow trends. So, when something is in vogue, they try not to wear it, I think." -Fabien, A Style For You, 2015

2. Nggak menarik perhatian orang banyak
Off shoulder kan terlalu mengumbar pundak, jadi kalau lagi nggak dipakai foto, ini kan di dalamnya ada karetnya, lengan bajunya ditarik ke atas. Jadi bajunya kaya baju casual biasa berlengan pendek yang masih cocok untuk travelling. Kreatif, kan?

3. Nyaman dibuat polah
Hal ini sudah jelas. Segala jenis celana panjang nyaman dibuat polah. Cuma tips dari aku, kalau kalian mau beli celana panjang yang fit body, waktu nyobanya dites dulu. Dibuat jongkok dan berdiri. Dirasain nyaman nggak. Terus hampir sobek nggak. Kalau nggak nyaman dan rasanya kaya hampir sobek, jangan dibeli.

Pakai celana panjang cukup challenging buat aku, karena seperti yang kalian lihat di foto-foto Instagramku, celana panjang bukan tipeku. Aku nggak akan pakai celana panjang, kalau bukan dresscode dari sekolah. Kali ini aku pakai celana panjang, karena mau ngasih ide outfit buat kalian. Jaman sekarang orang travelling pakai skort (gabungan skirt dan short) masih jarang, jadi aku ngasih contohnya pakai celana panjang aja yang umum dan bisa buat semuanya.

PS: aku sekarang udah nggak sekolah, jadi kalian akan lebih sering ngelihat aku pakai bawahan atau one piece. Soalnya dulu sejak SD, aku pakai bawahan seragam di sekolah selama kurang lebih 8 jam setiap harinya dan pulang pakai bawahan lagi, karena punyanya kebanyakan bawahan, buru-buru mau les, nyamannya pakai itu, dan suka pakai itu.


Aku akan menjawab pertanyaan kalian yang aku terima melalui media sosial. Setengahnya dari Facebook, setengahnya lagi dari Instagram. Aku akan mulai dari Facebook dulu baru Instagram. Mari mulai!

1. Introduction? Thanks!
Hai! Aku Steffi. Umur 23 tahun. Asal dari Semarang. Salam kenal!

2. Kuliah jurusan apa?
Sastra Inggris, bukan Sastra Jepang. Wkwk.

3. Sekarang tinggal dimana?
Di suatu tempat, di Semarang.

4. Treetop bagus nggak, Steff?
Bagus banget! Kalau buat yang suka outbound dan hiking, bakal enjoy.

5. Ada apa aja disana?
Wahana outbound, restauran di atas pohon, tempat hiking, orang jual buah dan sayur.

Question of the day: bagaimana menurut kalian tentang ide outfit yang aku berikan? By the way, gantian kalian yang kenalin diri kalian dong! Sebutin nama, asal, dan yang mau disebutin aja! Hehehheheheheh.

Thank you for reading!
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PS: aku nggak naruh link FB-ku disini, soalnya FB-ku error udah nggak bisa terima friend request lagi. Jadi follow Twitter-ku yaa! :D Mari ngobrol disana!

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My NEW Pet Bunny, Choco! BONUS 8 Myths About Rabbit You RARELY Find on Internet!

Howdy! Apa kabar, Kalian? :D

Jadi gini.. Kalian kan my main. Jadi aku mau cerita segalanya ke kalian, termasuk peliharaan baruku. Jadi kemarin aku beli kelinci baru, soalnya yang lama udah nggak ada. :( Jadi pagi-pagi waktu aku bangun, aku kira dianya masih bobo. Eh, nggak taunya badannya udah kaku semua. Waktu itu, aku cuma mikir positifnya aja kalau tugasnya di dunia ini buat ngehibur aku sudah selesai.

Hmm....... Mari kita ngobrolin tentang yang baru aja! :D Kemarin aku nggak banyak pertimbangan sih.. Ceritanya aku lagi di toko buku lihat-lihat buku TOEFL, terus aku mikir "buat apa aku keluar rumah, kalau nggak beli kelinci sekalian?" Soalnya tes TOEFL-ku masih seminggu lagi. Paling aku nyisihin waktuku sejam buat latihan. Di waktu yang lainnya itu, aku bakal ngerasa sendirian banget di rumah, soalnya adek kuliah di luar kota dan orangtua kadang-kadang pergi kalau siang. Jadilah aku sama temanku, Thirsa ke Java Mall beli kelinci.

Sampai di Java ada 3 kelinci yang bisa aku pilih. Ada sepasang jantan dan betina yang warnanya favoritku (untuk peliharaan), yaitu coklat dan kelinci kecil imut berbulu belang coklat dan hitam. Kelinci jantannya lagi bobo.. :( Yang betina gemetaran. Sementara Si Kecil lagi makan dengan lahapnya dan nggak takut dilihatin orang. Si Kelinci yang lagi makan inilah yang aku pilih jadi peliharaan, soalnya kalau kelinci udah doyan makan, aku jadi tenang. :)

Duh, Dek.. Kamu duduk aja imut. :')

Nah, tuh. :D Rasa antusiasnya udah mulai keluar. Udah pengen lompat-lompat di halaman belakang rumah.

Choco sama aku nunggu jemputan. :)

Habis dari Java, aku main di rumah Thirsa dulu. Nah, nih ada 2 cerita lucu. :D Hhahahhahhhahh. Aku kan sama Thirsa pulangnya dari Java naik Go-car, pas turun, masnya nanya "Mau dibantuin, Mbak?"

"Nggak usah." Aku bilang gitu.

Dia kira aku tuh abis belanja di Hypermart dan bawa barang-barang belanjaan buat stok yang benar-benar berat. Hahahahahahhah. :D Eh, taunya kelinci..

Nah, abis gitu sampai di rumahnya Thirsa, yang punya rumah sendiri sampai terkecoh. Thirsa mikir kalau anjingnya Si Nono suka sama aku. Pertama aku didatengin. Terus dijilatin. Eh, terus dianya berdiri. Nah, ini nih yang firasatku nggak enak. Terus aku bilang sama Thirsa "Thir, dikamarmu aja bisa nggak? Tapi nggak pakai Nono ya?" -_-"

Padahal anjingnya itu suka sama kelincinya (in term of being eaten). v._.v

Di rumahnya Thirsa, walaupun sempat didekatin anjing, dia nggak gemetaran sama sekali. Hebat! :D Terus tadi siang, abis makan, aku tunjukin burung yang ditaruh diatas rak tinggi, dia juga nggak takut (kecuali aku goyang-goyangin). Dia pemberani gini, for the next, aku mau ajarin dia main perosotan. :p Hehehhehehehh.

Aku ngerasa, beli kelinci ini worth it banget sih.. :D Soalnya sesuai ekspektasi. Waktu di tokonya doyan makan, sampai rumah juga doyan makan. Malemnya, dia makan wortel 2 potong, pagi, wortel 2 potong, pagi menjelang siang, aku kasih ampas jus tadi pagi, dia makan lagi. Wah! Wah! Wah! Bayi riang, ibu senang.. *thumbs up*

Ini foto close up dia dan makanannya.

Selain itu, untung juga sih melihara dia. Aku udah dapat fotonya banyak; bagus-bagus. Surprisingly, karena dia dibeli dari kecil, usia 4 bulan, jadi masih bisa dididik dan dilatih untuk jadi fleksibel. Bisa disuruh berbaring. Terus ke depannya, mau aku ajarin ambil wortel. Kalau berdiri mah, dia udah bisa.. My boy is even better than most dogs. Dogs stand up, because humans give 'em treats. A bunny stands up for his own curiosity.

Nih, foto-foto Instagram-able-nya. :D

Matanya tu loh.. Nggak nguatin. ♥♥ Bayangin kalau pacar atau gebetan kamu punya mata kaya gini! You must be lost in his or her eyes.
That curiosity tho.. *claps*
Not Kim K kind of butt tho, but I love it. That's love.
Kaki kelinci tuh lebih panjang dari yang kalian kira loh.. :p
Akibat oshi terlalu jauh. :(
I asked him to lay downn; I want to pet his belly. :)

Kalian pasti udah pada penasaran sama namanya Si Mungil ini, kan? Aku sengaja taruh di akhir biar kalian bacanya tuntas. Kenalin! :D Si Mungil ini namanya Choco. Kak Rani yang ngasih nama. Katanya, karena dia agak coklat. Ye... Ini mah bukan "agak" coklat, Kak. Ini memang coklat. Hehehheh. Tapi, btw, makasih namanya ya, Kak! Aku sukaaa. Kedengarannya kaya nama wafer coklat.

Aku sebelumnya belum pernah ngeblog tentang binatang peliharaanku sih.. Choco, you're a keeper for sure.

Tadi siang, malah aku panggil dia Booboo. Dari kata "boo" yang berarti sayang diulang dua kali.

Sekian sesi cerita-cerita kali ini. Lanjut ke mitos atau fakta yaa! :D

Mitos atau Fakta?

Kelinci yang dipegang telinganya.

Ya, berat di kelincinya kalau gitu..... -_- Secara badannya lebih berat dari telinganya. Pegang kelinci yang benar itu caranya hampir mirip sama kalian gendong anjing. Tangan kalian ditaruh dibawah tangannya, cuma bedanya kalau kelinci, kakinya dirapatkan jadi satu supaya nggak gampang jatuh. Udah deh.. Tinggal dibawa! :D

PS: aku ngerasa pictorial di bawah ini kurang efektif. Jadi untuk pegang tangannya lihat gambar pertama dan untuk pegang kakinya lihat gambar kedua, cause we're definetely not going to touch that part. -_-

Kelinci boleh dimandikan.

Terakhir aku baca artikel blog orang tentang "bagaimana cara memandikan kelinci?" Eh, nggak taunya komedi. Sehabis dimandikan, disuruh menyiapkan tusuk sate dan cangkul. -_- Tusuk satenya buat bikin sate kelinci. Cangkulnya buat gali tanah, barangkali mau langsung dikubur. Saranku mending kalau kalian punya kelinci, paw-nya aja yang dibersihkan pakai tissue basah. Buat bulunya, cukup dikasih bedak anjing atau kucing aja kaya kalau kalian pakai dry shampoo.

Kelinci itu lebih merepotkan daripada anjing.

How? When my dog begged for dog treat, my bunny let me working peacefully.

Kalau soal poopoo-nya, kalau kalian taruh kelinci di kandang, kalian cuma bersihin tempat poopoo atau peepee-nya aja. Dan.., tempat makan dan minum.

Kelinci kan kalau pagi pasti dilepas. Kalau lagi dilepas dan ditaruhkan kandang pagar, ya udah yang dibersihin daerah di sekitar dalam yang tadi dikandangi aja. Itupun pafing. But, I found my dogs peeing and pooing inside the house yang mana perlu dipel dan dikarbol 2 kali.

Itupun poopoo-nya kelinci nggak jorok-jorok amat. Bentuknya kaya poopoo hamster atau pelette. Kalau anjing, hampir sebesar punya manusia.

Kelinci jilatin tangan kita, karena tangan kita enak atau mau mandiin kita.

Kelinci jilatin tangan kita untuk nunjukin rasa sayangnya ke kita sama aja kaya pas kita ngelus-elus bulunya.

Kelinci itu sukanya cuma makan wortel.

Nah, ini... Kalian seringkali ke-brain-washed kartun masa kecil. Kelinci mau makan banyak hal kok.. Nggak harus wortel. Brokoli, stroberi, pepaya, pisang, dll juga doyan. Cuma sebaiknya jangan sering-sering. Makanan kaya gitu sebaiknya diberikan 10%-nya aja, since kelinci mudah kembung. Kalau aku sih pagi wortel atau ampas jus (lebih lembut sih ini kalau buat bayi), malamnya pelette.

Kelinci itu gampang mati.

Kemarin aku barusan lihat ada kelinci umurnya 2 tahun, beratnya sekitar 4-5 kg. What will you say?

My previous one, dulu disini beberapa bulan atau kira-kira setengah tahun.

Kebanyakan penyebab kelinci meninggal itu karena stres. Kelinci stres, karena nggak diajak mainan, nggak dikeluarin dari kandang, atau nggak ada pasangannya. Hayo....! :D Kalian sendiri kalau kelamaan jomblo bosan, kan? Minta dikenalin sama cowok atau cewek. Nah, kelinci juga sama. Buat kalian yang sibuk, cariin kelincinya pasangan aja! Biar nggak repot ngajak mainan terus.

Kelinci itu nggak pernah tidur sama kaya ikan.

Iya kali.. Mau tidur bilang-bilang kalian dulu. -_- Jadi gini kelinci itu nocturnal, tapi kalau siang dia bobo, tapi matanya kebuka. Tadi abis makan siang, kelinciku kan lagi duduk di kandang, terus pas aku dekatin, dia kaget. Eh, ternyata tidur..

Kelinci itu bodoh.

Iyalah.. Kalau kelinci pintar, they'll rule the world.

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