Senin, 23 April 2018

a short argument on the tickling thesis issue

hello, folks! since i'm a stubborn debater, let me argue on my current issue!

long story short, my mom offered a lecturer from my campus named bu siti (fake name) to give me a thesis consultation & get paid. bu siti agreed. and, now, i'm grounded. i'm only allowed to go out for meeting bu siti. so, here is thing i don't agree with: "agreed on giving me a consultation".

bu siti text to my mom

my text to bu siti

bu siti is a linguistics lecturer, so she doesn't know much 'bout literature. even tho, bu siti "might" know the basic, thesis is not about basic. if bu siti has to give me a consultation, she might have to read while browse on the internet. and, i think multi-tasking is not effective. cohen (2015) states "...combination of tasks do not produce the same result."

moreover, it's not a consultation. lee (2014) states a consultation is "cooperation within the context of a problem solving process..." seeing from the process, it's more to bribery. malan (2001) states "bribery is the process by which a persuaded by gift or money to act improperly in favor of the person offering the bribe."

that's all. thank you!